Hello hip hop fans! I’m DJ Robzilla, a turntablist hailing from Gainesville, FL. I rock turntables in combination with more traditional instruments and my own voice to create funky compositions that move your mental. My goal as a DJ is to spread awareness of the power of turntablism to move feet, enhance the mind, and bring people together.

Robzilla at Lucky's Market
DJ Robzilla throwing down some fonk at Lucky’s Market

I believe that the turntable, and the new DJ technologies it spawned, are a new class of musical instrument. They have the potential to transform music from the familiar to the strange and back again, stimulating the mind of the listener in ways that traditional instruments can’t by activating the brain’s nostalgia centers. The art of sampling is a relatively new frontier in the history of music, and there is still grand potential to invent, create, and repurpose new modes of artistic expression through it’s methods.

Over the past fifteen years, DJ Robzilla has been DJing for breakdance battles, hip-hop shows, block parties, studio sessions, emcee battles, house parties, weddings, and nightclubs throughout the southeast. He is a member of the infamous “Table Hogs” turntablist crew and has trained with DJ Shotgun of Goodie Mob fame., Creator of “Boom Bap, Original Rap” (Hip-Hop show on Grow Radio), and former DJ of O.N.E. (Gainesville, FL emcee/DJ duo); Robzilla’s credits extend to music production, mixing, mastering, beatbox, and beyond. You can catch him spinning bboy battles and emcee battles in Gainesville like Icing On The BreakSoul CypherFirst Friday Freestyle and Funky Dope. 

DJ Robzilla has performed at various venues with artists such as Murs, Blueprint, The Duppies, Fashawn, Prof, Slightly Stoopid, Common, Kid Cudi, Bone Thugs and Harmony, Nappy Roots, Afroman, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, KRS ONE, Big Freedia, Princess Nokia, Hugo $anchez, The Crazy Carls, and Danny Pines.

DJ Robzilla has recorded songs with Marley the Messenger, Jaycee Marx, Shay-J, And.On.I.Must, John Q, Essence D’Ame, Arsun Fist, Tone Fazoolz, TNT Tha Nasty Tone, Hugo $anchez, Tommy Holmes, Lounge Lo, and Cappadonna.

Currently DJ Robzilla and Marley “The Messenger” Montano (Emcee/Producer) are teaming up with Dorion James on stages across Florida to deliver a whole new live experience for our fans. Marley The Messenger Montano, Dorion James and DJ Robzilla are working on a full length album TBA soon.

DJ Robzilla is especially passionate about the artform of skratching, in which one manipulates the sound of a vinyl record by moving it back and forth across the needle while closing and opening the crossfader to cut the sound off and on rhythmically. 

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