Would you look at that?? I just released a new merch design on my merch store 😃 Peep the design:

Bweh T-shirt merch by DJ Robzilla
All of the airhorns

If you watch my streams, then you know that “Bweh bweh bwehhh” is essentially my catchphrase. The key is, to never use an actual airhorn sample. The sacred “bwehs” must only be enunciated as the above spelling. If you turn the lights off and say bweh bweh bwehhh in a bathroom mirror while wearing this shirt, DJ Khaled will appear and gas you up.

Most of my other designs have used a very boring black and white color scheme, so I thought it’d be dope to spice things up a bit! I hope you enjoy the colorful scheme.

Also, announcement! If you happen to be a subscriber on my Twitch channel, you now get a discount on merch 😎 To lock in your discount, make sure you are logged into your Twitch account before you buy. Tier 1 subs get 10% off; Tier 2 subs get 20% off; and Tier 3 subs get 30% off.

I have to give credit where credit is due. The bwehnomenon started with my good friend Duane Wells. This must have been at least ten years ago when he first uttered the magic sound. For Duane, it was only a fleeting stroke of comedic genius. For me, however… my life would never be the same. I literally couldn’t stop laughing at his interpretation of the classic airhorn sound, and so of course I couldn’t help myself and started using the sound effect in my daily life to great comedic effect.

Coworker smashes their sales numbers? Bweh bweh bwehhh! Get a high score in Galaga? Bweh bwehhh! Bought some fresh new Converse? Bweh bweh bweh bweeeeeehhhhh!!!

Eventually, I started incorporating the sound into my live performances and the rest is history. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane 🤣 Seeya next Saturday on my Twitch stream!

Are you one of those crypto nerds that loves ogling over NFT art JPEGs and animated GIFs? Do you have a virtual (or real-life) gallery you’d like to pimp out? Then make sure you peep these brand new NFTs by my good friend Kevso packaged together in what I have called the “Kevs-Over Collection“. The first NFT collection of many to come.

All proceeds from Kevso’s proceeds will go to a fund (i.e. a separate Algo wallet) that will be given to Kevso once he is out of rehab, to help him get back on his feet. Help a brother out and get some fly NFT art in the process. Here is a sample:

Got milk?

This isn’t the authentic real deal though, for that you can head on over to the Kevs-Over Collection over on algogems. If you want to resell it, don’t feel bad because Kevso will receive an additional 3% commission on every subsequent sale of this piece of art 😎

Every piece from this collection was created live on stream by Kevso himself in a super incredible VR graffiti application called “Kingspray Graffiti“. You can buy Kingspray Graffiti here!

More NFTs to come soon, including some exclusive music NFTs you won’t be able to purchase anywhere else. Stay tuned!

Holy crap so much has happened in the last couple of months that I completely forgot to update y’all on my newest releases! On January 1st I released “2020 Can Suck It” and just about a week ago I also announced the February 1st release of my upcoming beat tape: “Chonky Fonk“! So yeah, lots of new beats to keep you occupied until the next drop. You can listen to a preview track from “Chonky Fonk” and pick up “2020 Can Suck It” right now at music.djrobzilla.net

BUT THAT’S NOT EVERYTHING. Now you can also snag a VIP Membership to DJ Robzilla’s music! For $3/month, you get all my latest beats a full two weeks early before anyone else plus a free beat tape of your choice from my Bandcamp catalog once per month. And for $10/month you get access to select stems for my beats when they are available PLUS ask a question in my Discord channel or Bandcamp community section and I’ll respond with a video answer! Up to 2 videos per month per person.

Watch this video for a overview of VIP benefits

Keep it chonky indeed.

SONIC BOOM! Here comes another beat tape to slap in your favorite media player and nod your head to. Out now, is my newest instrumental beat tape: “An Evening with Reginald The Rangoon”. Is his top-hat made of his flesh or is his flesh made of top-hat? Reginald screams, for he does not know.

I crafted this beat tape as a true labor of love. I dug up some gems from the archives and doctored them up with some mastering love, whipping out my increasingly polished skills in Ableton. Speaking of, did you know that Ableton is running a promotion right now that’ll get you a free upgrade to the latest version of Ableton when you upgrade from 10? I swear this isn’t an ad, I am only doing my part to help keep producers sounding fresh.

I made this beat tape in the hopes that those who would listen to it would do the right thing: Eat the rich.

Peep the video preview of “Monocles Up” here:

Monocles up, old chaps!

Listen to “Cane Strut” on SoundCloud here:

Download “Cane Strut” free from SoundCloud

You can even follow my music on Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, and more by visiting my HyperFollow page so you can bump my beat tapes in the car on the way to work.

Although, buying my music from Bandcamp is by far the best way to support: so visit music.djrobzilla.net and gently apply pressure to the follow button to receive occasional updates from me when I release new music.

Click the image to preview or purchase your new beat tape from Bandcamp

And what’s that faint whistling on the horizon…? Is that… the brewings of a beat tape coming on New Years Day? It MUST be. Official announcement coming this December 15th.


Another month, another neck snapping release from DJ Robzilla! Peep the steez in this brand new aural experience: “Chom Zilla”. All of the beats on this album except for “Wear A Mask Dummy” are 100% sample free. “Wear A Mask Dummy” uses a sample from the game Undertale, and since video game companies very VERY rarely sue for copyright on sampled music from their games (not to mention precedents being set in courts that sampling video game music is usually considered “fair use”), I feel confident saying you are welcome to use this music in your creative projects without fear of copyright litigation, either from me or from any sampled artists.

Anyway, if you wanna hear the new album, visit this link to listen to all the tracks. And don’t forget to buy and download it, because the download comes with a SUPER SECRET track you can only hear after you purchase it! Let me know what you think in the comments below this post 🙂

HERE IT IS. After baking in the oven for a bit, here is the new beat tape titled “Paw Zilla”, featuring Ripley kitten!

Paw Zilla is only $3 to buy, and you get a SUPER SECRET BONUS TRACK for the low low when you download it! This album is released under Creative Commons, so feel free to use the beats from this album on your livestream, rap album, or YouTube video.

This album has been a labor of love. Thank you so much to everyone who keeps supporting my music by buying the albums, watching my Twitch stream every Saturday from 5-7 pm, and subscribing to my Patreon. Y’all make this art possible. Which beat is your favorite? Your least favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

Purple Kloud and DJ Robzilla performing live at Swamp City Gallery Lounge

New music was released on this day! Drugs by Purple Kloud and DJ Robzilla featuring Travis Shypell and StreetLamp Studios‘s Oscar on the mastering is OUT NOW on Soundcloud 🎉🎉🎉 Peep the comments for a link to the track. We got a whole album of these gems coming soon, so stay tuned at djrobzilla.net to get notified when it’s released!

 You heard me right… I just released a new beat tape for the first time in, well… ages. It’s been a long time coming but I am BACK in full force with more music planned for quick release soon. So def stay tuned to my website and/or Patreon for further news on even more releases!

This newest beat tape is a compilation of beats I have made in the last few years. I have a ton more where this came from so don’t sleep! Tons of boom bap drums and smooth sample-free synths.

I am making this album available under the Creative Commons as well, so feel free to download, remix and share! You can stream my beats on your Twitch stream, use them in your YouTube videos, or anything else you want as long as you credit DJ Robzilla and link to my website at https://www.djrobzilla.net somewhere in the description of your video or stream.