I stream live on Twitch every Saturday and Sunday from 5-7 PM. If I am not currently live, no problem! Smack that follow button on my Twitch page to get notified when I go live.

Saturday is a Music/DJ stream and Sunday is a gaming stream where I pick a random game and GO AT IT! I also go live randomly at other unannounced times, so make sure you follow to find out as soon as I go live!

That Funky Dope Manuva!

Additionally, I also release videos on Youtube, including tutorials on tech, DJing, skratching and even gaming! For real, I’m a total nerd and proud so if any of that sounds interesting to you make sure you hit subscribe on my Youtube channel and you’ll be notified whenever I post new videos.

I also work with some very talented artists, like Marley the Messenger:

Hugo $anchez:


And a ton more to come!

I have DJ’d for b-boy battles:

Helped train the next generation on turntable trickery:

Appeared at Skratch Sessions throughout the Southeast:

And sometimes I straight up just vibe at home and kut it up FRESH:

I’ve even been known to DJ for random emcee cyphers and battles:

If you like what you’ve seen here, please don’t forget to follow me on Twitch and subscribe to my Youtube channel!