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good news everyone!

Great news everyone! DJRobzilla Dot Net now supports the Activity Pub protocol. You can now follow from any ActivityPub enabled social media site like Mastodon, PixelFed, etc.

Why does ActivityPub matter?

Well, mostly because it helps us all move away from centralized social media platforms like Facebook and X. Platforms where the primary customer is advertisers and not regular people like you and me. Platforms where you and I are the Product.

activitypub takin ova

Activity Pub is a different paradigm of social media. Instead of one monolithic corporation owning and controlling the entire network, ownership of the network is distributed across many “instances” like the one is parked on:

How does it work?

ActivityPub works a little differently to what you might be used to with traditional social media, and although it takes some adjusting I promise the net benefit for you, me and us as a society is worth the trouble. You see, when you post on an ActivityPub supported app like Mastodon, you aren’t just posting to Mastodon. You are posting to every site or app that uses the ActivityPub protocol. It’ s an open source protocol for interactive social media driven apps and websites.

racoons love activitypub too

To keep it simple: You know how when you post to Facebook it asks you if you want to also post to Instagram and vice versa? This is like that, but automatic and across all ActivityPub apps, not just the ones that Zuck owns.

Who owns it?

Thats the best part. No one does. It’s an open source protocol designed to be censorship resistant and distributed so some Mr. Money Bags investor cant come along and ruin the party for everyone else.

twitter sucks now

This is how we take back the web from the private interests and vulture capitalists. One website at a time. Get the revolution started and follow my Mastodon account for more music, tech news and updates.

Anyway, I have some new beats cooking in the oven so keep your eyes on this blog cause I’mma be posting ALOT more! I can’t wait for you to hear what I’ve been working on. Stay up and peep DJ Robzilla’s Dojo for more dope tunes!

cookin up dem beeeats

I am pumped to announce some new Token Gating updates to! My goal is to deliver dope NFTs with innovative utility, and with that in mind: I have implemented a fancy new feature to my website that will allow you to get more out of your DJ Robzilla NFTs.

🔐 Token Gating: Thanks to the incredible work of /u/stepwn I am now offering token gating on my website, which means that NFT holders will gain exclusive access to a hidden Dojo section at In this secret Dojo, you’ll be able to download the track that your NFT represents, giving you a unique and personalized experience that no one else can access without the NFT! If you are already a holder from my previous giveaways, congratulations! You get new utility out of thin air. Aren’t NFTs freaking sick??

To use your NFT to access this secret part of my website, first visit this URL and then connect your wallet by clicking “Log In to Web3” and follow the prompts.

🎁 Red Packet Giveaway: To celebrate this token gating update, I am hosting a Red Packet giveaway of some interactive music player NFTs of my hip hop/house instrumental track: “Ryan Cohen’s Wild Ride” so you can try this new functionality for yourself. “Ryan Cohen’s Wild Ride” is an interactive playable music NFT (using the Chrome GameStop web wallet) and gives you exclusive access to download the track from my website.

There is also a Shiny version of this NFT! In the future, I will update the Dojo to include more features that the regular and shiny versions of the “Ryan Cohen’s Wild Ride” NFT can unlock, including but not limited to:

– Download the track in any format (wav, mp3, ogg, flac)
– Stems for DJ Remixing
– MIDI Files and Samples used
– Ableton Project Files

Some of these features will be locked to the “Shiny” version, which I will do a separate Blind Box Giveaway for coming soon.

To receive a free NFT of “Ryan Cohen’s Wild Ride”, simply follow these steps:

  1. Scan this Red Packet:

2. Optional: Join my DJ Robzilla Discord for more updates on drops, Dojo features, etc

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be a part of the DJRobzilla community and explore the possibilities of music NFTs with us. Your support means the world to me, and Icahn’t wait to see how much you’ll love these new token gating features! 🚀

Lastly, if you miss the giveaway and still would like a “Ryan Cohen’s Wild Ride” NFT, I currently have this NFT listed on LoopExchange for 3 LRC here and the Shiny version listed for 10 LRC here.

Keep it funky! 🎵

Holy crap so much has happened in the last couple of months that I completely forgot to update y’all on my newest releases! On January 1st I released “2020 Can Suck It” and just about a week ago I also announced the February 1st release of my upcoming beat tape: “Chonky Fonk“! So yeah, lots of new beats to keep you occupied until the next drop. You can listen to a preview track from “Chonky Fonk” and pick up “2020 Can Suck It” right now at

BUT THAT’S NOT EVERYTHING. Now you can also snag a VIP Membership to DJ Robzilla’s music! For $3/month, you get all my latest beats a full two weeks early before anyone else plus a free beat tape of your choice from my Bandcamp catalog once per month. And for $10/month you get access to select stems for my beats when they are available PLUS ask a question in my Discord channel or Bandcamp community section and I’ll respond with a video answer! Up to 2 videos per month per person.

Watch this video for a overview of VIP benefits

Keep it chonky indeed.