Another year, another amazing Pirate Camp! If you aren’t aware of it, Pirate Camp is an annual event thrown by the Never Say Never Foundation, which is a nonprofit dedicated to helping amputees. Once a year they gather together to foster a sense of community and belonging among  this inspiring group of people, by teaching amputee children nautical survival skills, sailing, and teamwork.

After all their hard work on the high seas, Never Say Never serves dinner and then throws a MEGA DOPE PIRATE PARTY!! The above audio recording is an hour excerpt from the dancing portion of the night, after the awards ceremony ends.

Which, speaking of the awards ceremony… it is always a completely mind blowing experience seeing the heartfelt generosity of the Never Say Never crew bless kids with new sports prosthetics. They enable them to walk, run, play sports, and even swim. This year, they even gave out their first prosthetic hand with articulated fingers, made with a 3-D Printer. 

It is absolutely stunning how Never Say Never is changing people’s lives.
Pirate Camp is a place full of compassion and togetherness, and I am honored and humbled to be able to participate every year. Please enjoy this VERY special recording!

A few months ago I played at Summer 72’s Silent Disco, and had an UTTER BLAST. I must say, the Summer 72 festival was one of the best organized, most fun and engaging music festivals I have been to in Gainesville… probably ever. 

And the Silent Disco was the cherry on top. This was for real my first time doing a Silent Disco, so I was a bit nervous… not really knowing what to expect. But once I got started, I REALLY enjoyed the format. Being locked away in my headphones let me focus on my mixing and crowd engagement in a way that can be difficult when the club is lit and the speakers are set to 11.

Besides that, I had the good fortune of checking out Zach Deputy’s set, and BOY is that dude a rare talent! If you’ve never seen him, he basically uses his custom designed looping setup to create improvised jams that are always surprising and incredibly danceable. If you ever have a chance to peep his set, I HIGHLY recommend it.

And I don’t wanna forget to give a shout to my homies from Locochino burnin’ down the other Silent Disco set on the main stage. Bananas! But for real, the other DJs and acts were fire too… Dillon Rose, Electric Kif, Anubis… what a night!

Last Saturday I rocked Fluid Lounge with a smattering of NuDisco and House. A bit different from the usual Robzilla, but still dope!! ENJOY MUSIC FANS

Download Fluid Lounge House Mix
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An oldie but a goodie. I ended up rocking mostly trap, house and twerk for this portion of the set. Tell me what you think in the comments!

Download House Party Aug 2018
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MOAR DOAP SHEET! This one is composed mostly of Twerk and Trap. Bump this mix at your next party 😀

Download Andrews Housewarming Party Mix Part 6
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Here’s another mix! This one is heavy on the house. Four on the the floor vibes!! It’s only $2 a month to access this mix and all my other past and future mixes. Become a patron today!

Download Housewarming Party Mix Pt. 5
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Here we go, another piece of the mix has arrived! At this point I think you know what it’s all about so I’ll let the music speak for itself 😉

Download Housewarming Party Mix Pt. 4
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Peep the next in the epic nonology that is last week’s house party mix!! Plenty of EDM, hip hop, and funk to keep you groovin’… so what are you waiting for, give it a download and SHAKE DAT BOOTAY

Download Housewarming Party Mix Pt. 3 [DIRTY]
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Another day, another piece of my Housewarming Party mix from last Saturday! Part 2 is full of dope hip hop, funk, and Twerk. Even a little bit of popping music to get your booty shakin’!! More coming soon. ENJOY

Download Housewarming Party Mix Pt. 2
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I DJ’d a housewarming party last Saturday and managed to record the whole thing!! You know what that meeeeeans… MORE FUN TIMES. The original recording was quite long, so I’m chopping it into 30 minutes segments. Check back regularly as I release more snippets! This first one is free, but every subsequent piece of this mix will be for my subscribers only, so if you’d like to hear more please become a patron. THANK YOU HIP HOP FANS

Download Housewarming Party Mix Pt. 1
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