Would you look at that?? I just released a new merch design on my merch store ? Peep the design:

Bweh T-shirt merch by DJ Robzilla
All of the airhorns

If you watch my streams, then you know that “Bweh bweh bwehhh” is essentially my catchphrase. The key is, to never use an actual airhorn sample. The sacred “bwehs” must only be enunciated as the above spelling. If you turn the lights off and say bweh bweh bwehhh in a bathroom mirror while wearing this shirt, DJ Khaled will appear and gas you up.

Most of my other designs have used a very boring black and white color scheme, so I thought it’d be dope to spice things up a bit! I hope you enjoy the colorful scheme.

Also, announcement! If you happen to be a subscriber on my Twitch channel, you now get a discount on merch ? To lock in your discount, make sure you are logged into your Twitch account before you buy. Tier 1 subs get 10% off; Tier 2 subs get 20% off; and Tier 3 subs get 30% off.

I have to give credit where credit is due. The bwehnomenon started with my good friend Duane Wells. This must have been at least ten years ago when he first uttered the magic sound. For Duane, it was only a fleeting stroke of comedic genius. For me, however… my life would never be the same. I literally couldn’t stop laughing at his interpretation of the classic airhorn sound, and so of course I couldn’t help myself and started using the sound effect in my daily life to great comedic effect.

Coworker smashes their sales numbers? Bweh bweh bwehhh! Get a high score in Galaga? Bweh bwehhh! Bought some fresh new Converse? Bweh bweh bweh bweeeeeehhhhh!!!

Eventually, I started incorporating the sound into my live performances and the rest is history. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane ? Seeya next Saturday on my Twitch stream!