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COMING OCTOBER 1ST 2020! You didn’t heed the warnings… so DJ Robzilla is unleashing the kitten on all you fools.



A beat tape by DJ Robzilla:

This new beat tape will be released exclusively on Bandcamp October 1st, but you can pre-order it now for only $3 by using the music player below and clicking “pre-order” in the top-right corner or by visiting my Bandcamp album page .

Purple Kloud and DJ Robzilla performing live at Swamp City Gallery Lounge

New music was released on this day! Drugs by Purple Kloud and DJ Robzilla featuring Travis Shypell and StreetLamp Studios‘s Oscar on the mastering is OUT NOW on Soundcloud ??? Peep the comments for a link to the track. We got a whole album of these gems coming soon, so stay tuned at djrobzilla.net to get notified when it’s released!

Every Saturday I stream music from 5-7 PM. It was a super fun event, and I broke all kinds of records for my stream! I had so much fun in fact, that I ended up playing an hour and a half past the 7PM mark haha! I always super duper appreciate everyone who tunes in, the chat was lively and exciting from beginning to end. If you see this post, go ahead and give my channel a follow so you can get notified whenever I go live. To check out the video from the stream, click play below:

Watch Music Stream! Playing funk, house and hip hop from djrobzilla on www.twitch.tv

Hello all and sorry for the long dearth of posts! This quarantine has got me in a creative mood again. After all, what else am I supposed to do? So in the spirit of creativity I am going to be streaming twice a week on Saturday and Sunday from 5-7 PM EST. I might keep going after 7, but it just depends on how many people are watching and what kind of mood I am in.

Anyway, tune in to my Twitch Channel by clicking here. For my first regular stream I’ll be streaming a Hitman 2 Silent Assassin, Fish Slaps Only run by popular request (a.k.a. my girlfriend lol). Make sure you smack that follow button once you are tuned in so you get updated whenever I go Live!

Watch live video from djrobzilla on www.twitch.tv

Today, my homie Marley the Messenger recently released a brand new music video: Flo State. As per it’s title, it’s a track about entering the “flow state”. The flow state was first recognized by Hungarian researcher Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, author of “Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience“. Flow is a state of uninterrupted focus that increases energy, attention, memory retention, and can even mold the brain to be more efficient. To set the stage, Marley chose a Yoga studio called Aurora Healing Arts to film the party and meditation scenes in the video. Although now closed, the memory of this amazing space will live on through this music video. Enjoy, hip hop fans!

Last Thursday I threw down with a menagerie of performers of different genres at Heartwood Soundstage for Swamp Records’ 2018 Showcase. I started things off kinda slow and funky, and progressively went harder until the wilder EDM section at the end. This one is a bit longer than my usual livemix, so enjoy!

BTW, if you know anyone interested in hearing mixes of dope music of all genres, let em know about my $2 a month patronage! Once we hit $50 a month, I’ll release my first tutorial article on turntablism for those interested in learning more about the culture and art of hip hop. Spread love and good music!

Download Swamp Records Showcase @ Heartwood Soundstage
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Here’s another mix! This one is heavy on the house. Four on the the floor vibes!! It’s only $2 a month to access this mix and all my other past and future mixes. Become a patron today!

Download Housewarming Party Mix Pt. 5
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Download All of Robzilla’s Beat Tapes
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You can now get all three of my previously released beat tapes, PLUS all future beat tapes I release, by subscribing to my Patreon for $5 a month. See the link at the top of this post to grab all dem beats!


I have much more bangin’ recorded material to release from last week’s  Fellowship, but for now I’mma release this one for free fo da peeples!  Enclosed within the above audio file, you will hear Purple Kloud and  Saint Tellah freestylin’ some nastiness in the Dojo room. Thanks Kashmiracle for handling the instrumentals! More to come  soon for my paid subscribers. Enjoy!

Download Purple Kloud and Saint Tellah Freestyle @ Fellowship 3 (Live Mix)
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