Are you one of those crypto nerds that loves ogling over NFT art JPEGs and animated GIFs? Do you have a virtual (or real-life) gallery you’d like to pimp out? Then make sure you peep these brand new NFTs by my good friend Kevso packaged together in what I have called the “Kevs-Over Collection“. The first NFT collection of many to come.

All proceeds from Kevso’s proceeds will go to a fund (i.e. a separate Algo wallet) that will be given to Kevso once he is out of rehab, to help him get back on his feet. Help a brother out and get some fly NFT art in the process. Here is a sample:

Got milk?

This isn’t the authentic real deal though, for that you can head on over to the Kevs-Over Collection over on algogems. If you want to resell it, don’t feel bad because Kevso will receive an additional 3% commission on every subsequent sale of this piece of art ?

Every piece from this collection was created live on stream by Kevso himself in a super incredible VR graffiti application called “Kingspray Graffiti“. You can buy Kingspray Graffiti here!

More NFTs to come soon, including some exclusive music NFTs you won’t be able to purchase anywhere else. Stay tuned!