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For my Patreon subscribers only, here’s the mix of funk I opened with at First Friday this last week! Enjoy 😀

First Friday Freestyle Funky Intro Mix

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As promised here is the second half of the recording I grabbed from Fellowship 3 where me and Ka$hmiracle went in on the beats and dope jams for another hour! Live beat juggling, skratching, blending… and yeah we made a few mistakes but hey yo THAT’S WHY IT’S LIVE!! Enjoy getting to hear me and Ka$hmiracle in our rawest unedited form.

Here’s a little snippet of my skratch practice session the other day. Beat is the “Nobody Speak” instrumental from DJ Shadow feat. Run the Jewels. Skratch sample is the ever so recognizable “fresh” from… like every battle record ever made. This particular “fresh”, was from Gag Ball Breaks, my pet favorite battle record.