Five-five-five elements!

Me and Purple Kloud got up yesterday to work on our upcoming album, “Personal Best”, and randomly decided to livestream a freestyle session afterwards! Peep the video below to check it out, and please FOLLOW me on Twitch to get notified whenever I go live 🙂


Today, my homie Marley the Messenger recently released a brand new music video: Flo State. As per it’s title, it’s a track about entering the “flow state”. The flow state was first recognized by Hungarian researcher Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, author of “Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience“. Flow is a state of uninterrupted focus that increases energy, attention, memory retention, and can even mold the brain to be more efficient. To set the stage, Marley chose a Yoga studio called Aurora Healing Arts to film the party and meditation scenes in the video. Although now closed, the memory of this amazing space will live on through this music video. Enjoy, hip hop fans!

The homie Marley the Messenger has just released his new music video, “Think Before You Speak”, and just as I suspected… IT’S A BANGER. I myself just saw the final version about 5 minutes ago, and I’m very pleased with how it turned out. If you aren’t already aware, Marley the Messenger is one of the emcees I endorse and perform with at hip hop shows across the Southeastern US.

I even have a cameo in the video starting at 2:05!

I’m doing a crazy thing. I’m releasing the ENTIRE RAW AND UNEDITED recording of First Friday Freestyles from last Friday! Click on the Google Drive link above to download the whole thing. There’s a lot of action going down, so lemme give you a summary. Things start off with a chill instrumental mix, until Purple Kloud throws down an incredible hour long freestyle endurance test. Then Purple Kloud starts hilariously roasting me and my neck! Then later on in the night more emcees show up and you’ll hear cats like Raam, Bad Bitch Mad Cap, Gross Dog, Ace 1, The Lyrical King Kong, and much much more! The next one happens on July 6th, so don’t miss it!!

And peep this epic birthday cake my girlfriend commissioned Chloe’s Confections to bake for me! You can check out her FB Page at to see more samples of her work and contact her to commission a confection!

DAMN that’s beautiful!!

Don’t forget to click the link at the top of this post to download the entire First Friday Freestyle recording!