LIVE: First Friday Freestyle June 1st: Robzilla’s Bday Bash

I’m doing a crazy thing. I’m releasing the ENTIRE RAW AND UNEDITED recording of First Friday Freestyles from last Friday! Click on the Google Drive link above to download the whole thing. There’s a lot of action going down, so lemme give you a summary. Things start off with a chill instrumental mix, until Purple Kloud throws down an incredible hour long freestyle endurance test. Then Purple Kloud starts hilariously roasting me and my neck! Then later on in the night more emcees show up and you’ll hear cats like Raam, Bad Bitch Mad Cap, Gross Dog, Ace 1, The Lyrical King Kong, and much much more! The next one happens on July 6th, so don’t miss it!!

And peep this epic birthday cake my girlfriend commissioned Chloe’s Confections to bake for me! You can check out her FB Page at to see more samples of her work and contact her to commission a confection!

DAMN that’s beautiful!!

Don’t forget to click the link at the top of this post to download the entire First Friday Freestyle recording!

Speak your mind, homie!

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